Olivia’s Publications


The Rumpus: Pantoum of the Men Who Got Mad and Learning the Rules

Stirring: Outside Lakeside Bar and Quiet

RHINO: The Teacher in Town

The Offing: The Only Non-Catholics on St. Mary’s in Detroit and A Sleeping Violence

BOAAT: To the Observatory

Winter Tangerine: cataloging sin

Fifth Wednesday Journal: The Man in the Tower

Whiskey Island: Fugue

Maudlin House: You Have a Stream

Rogue Agent: Self Portrait as a Crow

Gabby Journal: Clearing Out

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: Anyone with $1000 Could Buy a Van and Leave

Star 82 Review: Atlantic City and Taking Tickets

Driftwood Press Vol. 2.1: A Hurtling

Spry Issue 5: Abstract Onomatopoeia

Almost Five Quarterly Fall #106: Recordings


Gravel: City Portraits 


The Booth

“Harnessing Thoughts about Events that Never Happened: An Interview with David Shapiro”

“The Hits and the B-Sides and Everything in Between: An Interview with E. Kristin Anderson”

“Writing in an Embodied Fashion: An Interview with Jill Khoury”

Maudlin House blog

Lots of things

The Financial Diet

“6 Things I Got Totally Wrong About People, Based On Their Money Habits”

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